Orrell RUFC 200 Club

Orrell RUFC 200 Club

Our 100 Club has had an upgrade and is now the 200 Club!

As an existing member, there is nothing to worry about, nothing has changed for you – other than the chance to win more money – but by allowing more members to join the scheme, we will be able to raise more money for the club’s development and to support the club’s overall objectives.

The subscription will continue to be £5.00 per month or £60 per year payable by standing order on the 10th of each month if paid monthly or 10th January if paid annually.

The rules around the prizes will remain the same: 40% of the income will be paid out in prizes, the remaining income less any administration costs will be used to support the club and its objectives. 30% of the monies will be applied to the first prize draw and 10% to the second prize. Therefore, £30.00 will be paid for 1st prize and £10.00 for second.

However, once 200 applications have been accepted the prize monies will be: £300.00 for first prize and £100.00 for second prize increasing the prize monies available from the 100 club of £150.00 for first prize and £50.00 for second prize.

As an existing member of the 100 club, you don’t need to do anything except cross your fingers and hope you win in the next draw!


Orrell RUFC 200 Club Membership Form & Rules