ORUFC Best Practice for Young Players


Orrell RUFC Mini and Junior Section believe that our Club, like any other good Club, should be a place where:

a. All players can learn and enjoy their learning without interruptions.

b. All coaches can coach and respond to their players without interruption.

We want all our players to be proud to wear the club colours and we welcome parents’ involvement in supporting the Club.

Sometimes there is a problem when a young person may say, "I was only playing", or "I only did it for a joke" but clearly these are times when we need all young players to be sensible, so that they are safe.

We say that if everyone is happy and smiling, then all is well. If someone is hurt or upset, all is not well and a young players’ rule has been broken, so there may be sanctions as a result.

Young players should always remember the following rules:

• We have a right to feel safe. We will not become bullies. We will not hurt anyone with nasty words or unkind actions. We will tell our coach when we are hurt or feeling sad.
• Amongst each other, there will be no swearing, arguing, name-calling, teasing, kicking, or
• fighting; we will not even 'toy-fight'. We will not leave the playing or training field or Club premises without permission - this can affect our own safety and the safety of others.
• We try to sort out our problems by talking to each other or by asking for help from an adult.
• We remember we are here to learn, and our coaches are here to teach.
• We will try to be friendly and try to get on with everyone.
• We will not spoil things for others by cheek and bad manners.
• We treat Coaches and Assistants with the same respect as our teachers.
• We treat all adults in our Club with respect.
• We pay attention when our coach is talking.
• We treat each other with consideration, and we try to help one another.
• We take good care of all equipment, use it safely, and tell our coach when anything is lost or damaged.
• We do not touch equipment unless asked to do so.
• We move around our clubhouse or changing rooms only when we really need to, quietly without disturbing others. We walk in the corridors.
• When our parents drop us off, we must wait patiently until taken to the changing rooms or pitch by our coach.
• We must show respect for our Club environment at all times and keep it tidy and a safe place to practice and play Rugby Union.

Mini & Junior Chairman & Committee
Orrell Rugby Union Football Club

What happens if we break a rule?
We understand that if we break a rule our coach will tell us what we have done wrong and that we should not do it again. If we carry on breaking rules, our coach may have to arrange for us to go home and that our coach may have to speak to our parents or guardians. If we continue to be really bad, our coach may have to speak to the committee who might want to speak to us and our parents or guardians and may have to punish us by taking away some of our rights to train or play.

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Membership of the Sports Club gives members access to rugby, cricket & rounders and any future sports that join the main club.

Updated July 2019


Best Practice for Young Players Orrell RUFC Mini and Junior Section