We're crowdfunding to #buildthedream - will you help us?
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Crowdfunding #buildthedream
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1. Crowdfunding #buildthedream

Orrell RUFC & Winstanley Park Cricket Club have joined forces to build not only their new home & pitches but a new and much needed hub & sports facility for the local communities and beyond.

Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club have been planning to re-locate to a 13-acre site since 2014. Orrell RUFC has been homeless since 2007 and Winstanley Park will need to relocate from their current home in 2021 and the 2 clubs have been searching for a suitable site for several years to re-locate and create a community sports centre that will be open to the local community for a variety of other recreational activities in addition to rugby and cricket.

Playing a key role in the local community, the new facility will be available to other community groups, with a particular focus on providing a sporting outlet for children and will feature 2 rugby pitches and a cricket pitch with changing rooms, clubhouse/pavilion, practice area and car parking.

As well as providing a new home for Orrell RUFC and Winstanley Park Cricket Club, the development will also provide much needed sport and community facilities in an area where there is a very strong traditional need. It will also support the general sports continuum in Wigan by providing a local hub for cricket and rugby on the doorstep of Winstanley College, home to 1900 students.

In addition, it will provide a meeting place for local events and activities and help create a more cohesive and sustainable community and the multi-use community space/ bar will be used for training, meetings, community activities and functions.

The proposal provides new facilities to meet the needs of the local area. It provides new pitches and a modern building to facilitate not only sport but also due to its design, is flexible enough to also accommodate different community uses. With its shared facilities and social area it will be sustainable without the need for public support or funding once built.

In addition, will also address a number of local concerns along Winstanley Road including: Car parking will be provided adjacent to the new pavilion replacing the current ad hoc parking on land at the side of the cricket field and on occasion around the perimeter of the field itself and of course, the reason you are reading this page - the 30-mph zone will be relocated to help reduce speeding and improve safety.

The two clubs will merge on 1st December under the banner of Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club. From then members will also have the additional benefit of membership of all the other sporting facilities that come under the Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club banner – such as the Orrell and Winstanley Ladies Rounders Section (OWLs) and the Holts Arms Bowling Club.

Each club will retain its individual identity and logo but will badge themselves as “A member of Orrell and Winstanley Community Sports Club”

These are exciting times for everyone involved with all the sporting sections and the Joint Venture Board itself”, said Tony Havlin, Chair of the JV Board. “We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and are looking forward to completing the next steps”, he continued.

So, what are the next steps? Well the clubs are busy crowdfunding to make the road and entrance to the facility safer for all as the proposed entrance is within a 60-mph zone. This may seem like a strange thing to crowdfund for but the work has been built into the bigger development and needs to happen before we can actually start the construction work.

Therefore, it is imperative that the clubs raise enough funds (£12000) to meet the cost of extending the 30-mph zone.

The aim is then to access the land from October 2019 with a view to preparing the pitches between June and October 2020 – so the crowdfunding is really really important to get the work started to improve and make the road safer, not just for the facility users, but the local residents, road users, Winstanley College users, everyone really!

Once the team are on site, the pitches will be ready for playing rugby September 2021 and the start of or mid 2022 season for cricket (these take a little longer to prepare).

This fundraising will form part of the additionality both clubs need to provide in support of all our grant submissions (to demonstrate that all our members (and the wider community) are committed to seeing the project through to a successful completion.

We have also received fantastic support from local community organisations, who have provided us with Letters of Support. These will be a great boost to our funding bids” reported Mike Shore, JV Board Member and Trustee.

But now we need your help! Can you help us crowdfund and raise money to start the ball(s) rolling and #movethesign and #buildthedream. Any monies you donate via our Just Giving page will go direct to the project.

Together we can achieve and build not just a place for our young people and local community to meet and have fun but a long lasting legacy for years to come.